Posters for ICCPS 2012

State Estimation and Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Driving in Mixed-Traffic Urban Environments
Emrah Adamey, Yuksel Ozan Basciftci, Peng Gong, Arda Kurt, Fusun Ozguner, Umit Ozguner

Hierarchical Hybrid-State Systems for Coordinated Autonomous Driving in Mixed-Traffic Urban Environments
Arda Kurt, Scott Biddlestone, Keith Redmill, Umit Ozguner

Smartphone Heterogeneous Network Handoff Based on the Closed Control Loop
Qiang Li, Weijun Qin, Liqun Li, Limin Sun

Methods and Tools for Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems
Chris J. Myers, Jian Wu, Zhen Zhang, Hao Zheng, Yingying Zhang

Energy-Aware Dynamic Application Partitioning Algorithm on Mobile Devices
Jianwei Niu, Yuhang Gao

Getting Out of the Way – Leveraging Safety Verification without Compromise
Theodore P. Pavlic, Sai Prathyusha Peddi, Paolo A.G. Sivilotti, Bruce W. Weide

Involving Sensor Networks System in Core Datacenter Management Functions
Shuo Yang, Ke Hong, Lin Gu

Design of Modified Observer to Reduce State Estimation Error Caused by Job Skipping in Cyber-Physical Systems
Tatsuya Yoshimoto, Toshimitsu Ushio

Numerical Analysis of WSN Protocol Using Probabilistic Timed Automata
Fengling Zhang, Lei Bu, Linzhang Wang, Jianhua Zhao, Xuandong Li

Numerical Smart Phone Lift for Improving Energy Efficiency and User Comfort in Green Buildings
Hao Zhang, Niantong Zhang, Zhe He, Chun Jason Xu

GasMon: a Sensor Network System for Residential Building Gas Leak Monitoring
Zenghua Zhao, Song Zhang, Xuanxuan Wu

Exploiting Virtually Constant Property for Time-Varying Delay Compensation
Yifan Zhou, Hiecheol Kim, Joonhyuk Yoo