Work-in-Progress Presentations for ICCPS 2012

Packet Loss Compensation for Cyber-Physical Control Systems
Rock-Hyun Choi, Sang-Cheol Lee, Dong-Ha Lee, Joonhyuk Yoo

Estimation of Electric Power Consumption of Individuals by Observing People’s Activity
Atsushi Shimada, Shigeru Takano, Shigeaki Tagashira, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi, Hiroto Yasuura

CPS System for Real Time Cardiac Monitoring
Don.S, Duckwon Chung, Dugki Min

Cyber Physical Simulation Supporting Smooth Development from All-simulated Systems to All-real Systems
Jae-Hwa Han, Kyoung-Soo We, Chang-Gun Lee

A Human-Centered Cyber-physical Systematic Approach for Post-Stroke Monitoring
Hongan Wang, Xiaoming Deng, Feng Tian

Message Bridging Structure between HLA and DDS for Integrating Cyber-Physical Systems
Yunjung Park, Dugki Min

Challenges and Strategies for Exploiting Integrated Modular Avionics on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Early Experience
Hyun-Wook Jin, Sang-Hun Lee, Sanghyun Han, Hyun-Chul Jo, Doohyun Kim

TCP Congestion Control  for Highly Available Conveyor Systems
Adam Trewyn, Aniruddha Gokhale, Shivakumar Sastry, Michael Branicky

Scalable Multiple Robot Control with Adaptive Trajectory Planning

Hoon Sung Chwa, Andrii Shyshkalov, Jinkyu Lee, Hyoungbu Back, and Kilho Lee

Virtual Network Platform for Large Scale CPS Testbed
Sung Won Ahn, Chuck Yoo

From Design to Operation of a Large-scale CPS
Won-Tae Kim, In-Geol Chun, Soo-Hyung Lee, Hae-Young Lee

Enabling Holistic Design of Body Sensor Networks
Philip Asare, John Lach, John A. Stankovic

A Closed Loop Control Architecture to Maintain Patient Normothermia During Perioperative Periods
Jesse Ehrenfeld, Aniruddha Gokhale, Xenofon Koutsoukos, Douglas Schmidt

Supporting Coordinated Negotiation in CPS Design
X. Sharon Hu, Shengyan Hong, Michael Lemmon